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Friends With Your Mind,
How To Stop Torturing Yourself With Your Thoughts

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Excerpts from Friends With Your Mind:

“You can make friends with your own mind. This friendliness and inner strength is the foundation for a healthy, fulfilling life. It is the key to freeing yourself from the torture of your thoughts.”

“The mind is not who we are.  It is an instrument for us to use.”

“We have this persistent idea that if we could just figure things out, we would have a plan to stay safe no matter what happens.”

We practice mindfulness in order to know ourselves intimately. This is exciting, deeply satisfying and completely scary.”

Turning toward and facing what we have been running from takes courage. We are not alone. We can do this. Together.”


What they’re saying:

Scott Kiloby, Founder of the Living Inquiries and CEO of the Kiloby Center for Recovery:  “I wish this book had been around when I first started being interested in mindfulness.  It would have helped me along so much more quickly than other books that I used to read at that time.”

Dr. Kay Vogt, Licensed Clinical Psychologist:  “Lynn has drawn from her own healing journey to write a clear and concise “owners manual” for the Mind. Born out of her own extensive breathing and meditation practices, Lynn explains how to heal yourself from anxiety, trauma and just the everyday experience of believing our stressful thoughts.”

Colette Kelso, Direct Pointing Inquiry:  “Anyone who has lived through trauma (who has not?) would benefit from her kind and skillful guidance. She has been in the combat zone and come back to report the way out.”

Jerry Katz, “Lynn is offering release, resolution, and healing. In other words, you will feel safe with Lynn.”