Lynn Fraser works with people individually and in small groups. She has been teaching meditation in person and online for twenty years.

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Friends With Your Mind: 4 week small group class

Thought is a system of stimulus-response. Most people have experienced intrusive, catastrophic thinking and other forms of anxious thoughts when we are disturbed. We know how stress gets lodged in our body in tight jaw, shoulders, and gut. We resist and that makes it worse. There is a way to heal from this. To breathe, relax and enjoy our lives.

Join us for four weeks Wednesdays beginning May 31st. We’ll have two time options – early evening for US and Canada and early evening in the UK and Europe. Cost for the four small group classes is $39 US. Please click below to register.  

It really is possible to be friends with your mind!  Details here


Daily meditation, relaxation and breathing practices are deeply transformative and even more so within a community. Join Lynn and a small group every day for 20 to 30 minutes of guided practice and discussion. There is no charge for daily practices. Feel free to drop in occasionally or become a regular. It is hosted on Zoom, an online platform similar to Skype.
Live on Zoom 8AM Eastern (New York)
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Youtube Guided practices to relax, meditate, heal, inquire and rest.


Learn about our monthly workshops, special events and courses to help you implement the ideas in this book.

Work privately with Lynn Fraser. It helps to have the support of a facilitator when beginning to use these methods of inquiry.



Friends With Your Mind, February 2017

Friends With Your Mind Companion Workbook summer 2017

Calming Your Nervous System late 2017


The Living Inquiries and Natural Rest

Much of this book is based on Scott Kiloby’s Living Inquiries and Natural Rest. I work with people privately and in groups using these principles.

Scott Kiloby:

Understanding the Living Inquiries Before You Inquire is an informative 20 minute talk by Scott Kiloby

Kiloby Center for Recovery Family Services:

Living Inquiries: