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Meet with Lynn Fraser in a small group to implement what you are learning in the book Friends With Your Mind, How To Stop Torturing Yourself With Your Thoughts. It is available in as a print or e-book on Amazon.

Thought is a system of stimulus-response. Most people have experienced intrusive, catastrophic thinking and other forms of anxious thoughts when we are disturbed. We know how stress gets lodged in our body in tight jaw, shoulders, and gut. We resist and that makes it worse. There is a way to heal from this. To breathe, relax and enjoy our lives.

Over the 4 weeks we will cover much of the material in the book using exercises and guided inquiries. This is a small group workshop and there will be lots of time for discussion and to focus on what you would like to work with. We will cover the basics of how our minds work, drawing from the 5,000 year old tradition of yoga meditation as well as the latest neuroscience. It is helpful to have an understanding, in part because it can depersonalize our own issues. In yoga texts thousands of years ago they were speaking about distracted and compulsive thinking, about letting go of jealousy and the remedy of good-heartedness and kindness for ourselves and others. The new psychology of resilience focuses on nurturing our signature strengths.

Once we know and identify patterns that cause us suffering, what then? That’s what this four weeks is all about. It is a focused time to work on implementing strategies that will really help improve your relationship with your thoughts and build strength in your mind.

Getting to deeply know ourselves is an incredible journey. The mind has many layers, only one of which is the thought stream. We expand our awareness to include our whole body. Breath is a powerful tool for calming our mind and for energizing our life. As anxious or compulsive thinking settles, we have access to the stillness of the mind.

Join us for four Sundays beginning November 19 at 2 Eastern/ 7PM UK.

Cost for the four small group classes is $39 US. Please click below to register.  It really is possible to be friends with your mind!