I feel calmer, less anxious. There are fewer and less intense compulsive, catastrophic thoughts. When they come, I notice them as a clue to look deeper. I recognize unhealthy patterns. I am kind and firm with my mind.

I notice when I tense up or contract. I regularly practice breathing and relaxation. My nervous system has largely healed and overall I feel pretty resilient. I am confident I can handle life.

Things still bother me but they do not have the same grip they used to. I am familiar with the sensations in my body. They might be painful but they don’t scare me. I am comfortable inquiring into what they mean. Over time, most of my painful memories have resolved themselves. They don’t have the impact they used to.

When I am suffering, I am able to hold myself in compassion and I am better able to freely let go. I am patient and understanding with myself and my inner voice is kind.

I give myself space and time to listen to my intuition. I have stopped pushing and have let go of the aggression of always wanting to be better. I understand my system and how to make it work for me. I take good care of myself.

As I heal my own mind, I become more available both to myself and to other people. Creativity and vibrantly alive interest have returned along with the ability to enjoy my life. I know in every cell of my being that I am okay.

I am friends with my mind.

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